22 December 2010

Domino Truffles

175g..... Natural cream cheese
175g..... Domino cookies (or other cookies)
200g..... Milk/dark/white chocolate

* Crush the domino cookies with blender
* Add flavored cream cheese and mix them together well
* Put the paste to the fridge for 1-3 hours
* Start to make small balls about the paste
* Melt the chocolate and cover the truffles with it
* You can decorate them by using different kinds of things, for ex. coconut flakes or sprinkles

21 December 2010

Fried Tomatoes

4..... Tomatoes

* Slice tomatoes
* Spice them with salt and pepper
* Put them into a flour and fry tomatoes as long as they are golden brown from both sides

Ice cream cocktail

1 liter..... vanilla ice cream
2 cups.....  juice of your own choose (we used apple juice)
a bit of cherries ( or other berries)

* Put the half melted ice cream to the blender with juice and berries and whip for a 2 minutes
* Pour cocktail into glasses and serve 

Baked omlet

For four 

4..... Eggs
½ cup..... Milk
1 tablespoon..... Flour

* Preheat oven to 200 degree
* Mix together eggs, milk, flour and spices.
* Add dill
*Pour the mixture to a greased pie tin and add ham/salami pieces and cheese
* Bake about 30 minutes

Banana Cupcakes


1 cup..... Oil
½ cup..... Sugar
3 cup..... Flour
1 tsp..... Baking powder
2..... Eggs
1 cup..... Milk
4..... Banana

*Preheat oven to 180 degree
* Wash and peel the bananas. Crush them with fork or hand blender
* Mix together all the dry ingredients
* Whisk eggs in a bowl and add other ingredients, also crushed bananas
* Divide the dough to cupcake tin (use cupcake papers or grease tin with oil/butter)
* Bake about 20 minutes

Buttermilk Pancakes

1 liter..... buttermilk
2..... eggs
a bit of salt
1 tsp..... baking powder
about 8 cup..... flour

*Mix together buttermilk, eggs, sugar, salt and baking powder
* Add flour and mix the dough until it is smooth
* Let it stay for a 20 minutes
* Fry them on a hot pan 
* Serve with jam, honey, berries or ice creme

Tip. They taste extremely good if you drink cold milk!

Plaited bun with gingerbreads + added new buns with different filling !

200g ..... melted margarine
1 cup .....warm milk/water
50g..... yeast
4 cup..... flour
1..... egg
a bit of salt

1 small cup.... Yogurt
2 tablespoon..... apple yam (thick)
2 tablespoon..... starch
1 large handful..... crumbed gingerbreads

* Preheat oven to 175-200 degree
* Mix together all the ingredients of filling
* Roll out a rectangular piece of dough (20x40) and place the filling middle of it
* Cut slanted notches to the sides of dough and weave them alternately from both side of the filling to on top of it
* Bake for 20-30 minutes

Plaited bun with yoghurt

2 small cup of yoghurt
2 tablespoon of thicker apple jam
2 tablespoon of starch

Mix together all the ingredients of the filling and bake the rest as it is written above

Plaited bun with cottage cheese and blackcurrants

400g..... Curd
1..... Egg
2 cup..... blackcurrants
2 tablespoon of starch
Vanilla sugar

Mix together all the ingredients and bake the rest as it is written above

Plaited bun with cottage cheese, mandarin and walnut

400g..... Curd
1..... Egg
1 cup..... Sour cream or yoghurt
3-4 tbsp..... Semolina

*Peel and cut the mandarins
Mix together all the ingredients and bake the rest as it is written above

Swiss apple cake


180g..... flour
80g..... butter
40g..... sour cream
1..... egg

Biscuit dough:
2..... eggs
2..... tablespoons flour
2..... tablespoons sugar


4..... medium sized apples
50g..... apricot marmalade

5..... egg yolks
250m.....l 35% cream
90g..... sugar
2 tablespoons..... flour
2 tablespoons..... starch

* Bake the biscuit dough or use prepared one 
* Mix together all doughs ingredients. Mix it smooth and leave it for 20-30 minutes
* Press the dough to a cake tins bottom and edges
* Grease the biscuit dough with apricot marmalade and place it on the cake tin on top of the dough
* Preheat oven to 160-170 degree
* Peel and remove the seeds from the apples. Cut them and place on top of the biscuit dough
* Place a bowl to a warm water (in to a pot). Stir in the cream, egg yolks and sugar. Heat with low temperature but don not let it boil. Add in the flour and starch while mixing. Heat the sauce until it thickens
* Pour the sauce in to cake tin and bake for 50-70 minutes

Cardamom cake

You need: 

5 cup..... flour
½ cup..... sugar
2 teaspoons..... baking powder
2 cup..... sour cream
3..... eggs
1 cup..... strong cooled coffee 
100 g..... crushed halva
150 g..... margarine (melted)

* Preheat oven to 180 degree
* Beat eggs and sugar
* Mix together all dry ingredients
* Stir into a egg and sugar mixture sour cream, melted margarine and coffee
* Add sifted dry ingredients
* Mix the dough until it is smooth
* Add pieces of halva
* Grease a cake casserole with oil/butter and pour the dough into it
* Cover the casserole with aluminium foil and put the cake into oven for a 40 minutes
* After 40 minutes remove the foil and put the cake back to oven for a 10-15 minutes
* Cool and serve

Fruit Salad

2 Persimmon
3 Apple
1 Pineapple 
1 Galia melon

* Wash and peel all fruits
* Cut them to a fit pieces
* Mix them together in a bowl and serve

Fruit Cake II

I made this cake for our granny's birthday. 

Cake base
*You can use prepared cake base or you can do it by yourself. I used prepeared one

* Put chocolate mousse and apple jam between each layer


4 Mandarin (peel and remove the pieces from each others)
Green and red grapes (wash and cut them)
Red currants
400g whipped cream 
100g lemon curd (mix together with whipped cream, don't add sugar!)

* Cover the whole cake with whipped crem
* Start putting mandarins, green and red grapes to the edge in turn
* Next put some red currants
* Now again mandarins and grapes in turn
* Decorate the edges of the with the rest of whipped cream
* Put the tomatillos foot of the cake 

If you want you can cover the fruits with gelatin so the cake stands longer and better.

Caesar Salad

Caesar Salad

2 pots of Rome salad
2 or 3 chicken breast
Parmesan cheese

* Wash and cut the salad into pieces
* Slice chicken breasts and cook them in a pan (in a low-fat) from a both sides as long as they are done. Spice with salt and pepper
* Mix salad and chicken in a bowl and add parmesan cheese slices and croutons. 

If you want you can do the salad sauce by yourself or you can buy it from the shop. (I will add the sauce recipe later)

05 December 2010

Sandwich cakes with fish and ham

Sandwich cake with fish

500g Toast
Milk our broth

Filling nr 1:
400g..... Creme Bonjour salmon creame
150g .....Sliced crabstickts
150g-200g..... Mayonnaise

Filling nr 2:
100g cottage cheese with sour cream
200g tuna fish 

* Remove the edges of the toasts and place them to tray (for ex. 3x4)
* Moisten toast with milk or broth 
* Spread filling nr.1 on toasts and place the next layer and moisten also this one. Now spread filling nr.2 on toasts. 
* Place the third layer but do not moisten this one. Cover the whole cake with filling nr.1 so the seams won't be noticeable.
* Put the cake to the fridge for 12 hour (if possible, cover the cake with something)
 * Decorate the cake before serving with for ex. salmon, tuna, caviar, lime, lemon, cucumber....


Sandwich cake with ham

250g Toasts
Milk or broth

400g.... Cucumber tasted Creme Bonjour cream 
150g.... Mayonnaise
200g.... Ham
150g..... Salami

200g ..... Natural cream cheese
A bit mayonnaise

* Basically you do it just like the fish cake, but the filling and decoration is different. After each layer moisten the toasts and spread the filling on them. Don't moisten the top layer. Cover it with cream cheese mixture and put the cake to the fridge for 12 hours.
* For decoration use for ex. ham, salami, boiled eggs, lemon, cucumber...