23 November 2010

Stuffed eggs

You need

10..... Boiled eggs
2-3 tablespoon..... Mayonnaise
1 teaspoon..... Mustard
50g..... Butter (room temperature)

For decoration:
Use what you want, we used red and black caviar and parsely

* Boil and cool the eggs down before you peel and cut them to half
* Remove the egg yolk with spoon
* Mix together eggs yolks, mayonnaise, mustard and butter with fork in the bowl as long as it's not flabby, more like flat mixture
* Gush the egg yolk mixture to the half cut eggs (to the hole where the egg yolk used to be)
* Decorate them and keep them in the fridge before you serve

21 November 2010


Our Granny had a birthday today (21 November) and we had a great opportunity to cook and bake !!!

So I just want to say that in these days we will post one HUGE post with all those delicious yummy yummy thingies what we had there!

Keep your eyes open !!!