31 July 2010

Different kind of Fish pie

4-5dl..... Smashed potatoes
1½dl..... flou
1.... egg
1tsp.... salt

200g..... salmon (use baked salmon)
½-1dl..... cream
3..... egg
2tbsp..... sour cream

*Mix smashed potatoes, flour and egg togehter. Press the dough to the buttered casserole and precook it about 10 minutes in 200°C.
*Make the filling exactly as in Salami pie's filling but instead of salami use baked salmon.
* Spill the filling to the casserole and put the pie back to the oven and let it be there 30 minutes - until it's ready

Salami pie on French style

100g..... butter
2dl..... flour
½tl..... salt
3tbsp..... cold watter

150g..... salami (in the recipe it was ham but I didn't have it so I used salami. It tasted actually very very good!)
200g...... grated cheese
2tbsp..... sour cream
½-1dl..... cream
3..... egg

* Pinch butter, flour, salt and watter together. Dough is ready when it doesn't get caught in a bowl.
* Press dough to the buttered casserole. Put it to the oven and precook it in a 200°C about 10 minutes.
* While the dough is in oven make the filling
* Spill the cream to the bowl, add sour cream, cheese, eggs and pepper. Mix well.
* Take the dough out of oven.
* Set pieces of salami on it and spill the filling to the casserole.
* Put pie back to oven and let it be there 30 minutes - until the pie is ready

Strawberry smoothie

You need...

Vanilla ice cream
Vanilla sugar

*Crunch strawberries with hand blender
*Add a pieces of ice cream which are melted a little bit so it's easier to mix with strawberries
* Add milk and sugars. Mix well and serve

- You can also use different berries

Feta/Mozzarella salad

Firstly... We are very sorry that we haven't write anything for a while... But now I'll add few new recipes to here. Then I want to welcome our new follower! Welcome and we hope that you like these recipes what you can find here!

Then to the salad...

You need...

Mozzarella or feta cheece (depends which you like)
Olive oil
Salt ( if you use feta cheese then you don't have to add salt - if you don't want)

*Cut tomatos, mozzarella/feta cheese and lectures and put them into the bowl.
*Add spices and olive oil.
* Mix well and serve