02 January 2012


500 g puff pastry

Créme pàtissiére

250 g sugar
100 g flour
6 egg yolks
2  eggs
1 vanilla pod
1 liter milk 

Cut pastry for 4  same size pieses,roll pastry into thin plate size and bake 200 C until it golden brown
Let it cool down.
Cut vanilla pod in half and put into milk
Heat the milk in boiling point
Mix eggs,yolks and sugar,whip lightly and add flour
Mix mixture good and add little hot milk,whisk same time 
Add eggmixture to the milk and heat the cream while stirring
heat it like 4-5 minutes until it thik
But dont boil 
Whisk cream with electrical mixer and add there 150 g soft butter 
Take baked pastry sheet add cream then put next sheet add again cream and last sheet
on top put little cream and broke last sheet of pastry and put on top