06 June 2011


We are sorry that there was a long pause... we've been extremely busy. I had the last weeks of school and I had a lot of tests and exams... Karima had been busy with her children.. I hope you understand and forgive us :)

But here is extremely yummy recipe for tiramisu. I hope you like it!

200g ..... Tiramisu biscuits
400g ..... Mascarpone
1 tsp ..... Vanilla sugar
3 tsp ..... Sugar
4 cup ..... Whipped cream
2 tbsp ..... Tiramisu or coffee liqueur (not necessary)
 3 cup ..... Strong coffee
200g .... Chocolate

* Put the biscuits to the bottom of the bowl and moisten them with coffee. If you want you can add 1 tbsp of liqueur into the coffee.
* Melt the chocolate and spread it onto biscuits.
* Whip the cream, add mascarpone and mix well. Add 1 tbsp of liqueur (if you want) and mix well. Add vanilla sugar and sugar. Mix.
* Spread the mixture onto chocolate. You can sprinkle a bit of cocoa onto mixture.
* Put the tiramisu into fridge for 12 hours. Before serving it you can decorate it for ex. with frozen strawberries