27 June 2010

Fruit cake

Cake base
*You can use prepared cake base or you can do it by yourself. I used prepeared one

* Put chocolate mousse and apple jam between each layer

* Cover whole cake with whipped cream
* Cut green and violet grapes and put them to the edge of the cake in turn
* Cut peach and kiwis to slices and put them after the grapes in turn
* After kiwis an peaches put one round violet grapes and middle the circle that they make, cut kiwis and peaches to the small pieces and set them to the middle

If you want you can cover the fruits with gelatin so the cake stands longer and better. If you don't want to then the fruits doesn't stand very long time in the fridge. 

26 June 2010

Feta salad

3 ..... Tomatos
Half ..... Cucumber
Little bit black olives
1 .... Small onion
200g ..... feta cheese
Canned corn
Olive  oil
Lemon juice

* Cut all ingredients.
* Mix them all in the bolw and add little bit olive oil. Add salt and pepper and mix well.
Press out the juice of lemon and add it to the salad.
* Serve

22 June 2010

Pear cake

Cake base
200g.... butter
4,5 dl.... flour
2 tbsp....sugar
a bit cold water

* Put the cake base to the pie tin and let it be in the oven about 10-15min in the 200°C

4 dl.... milk
2.... eggs
2 tbsp.... flour or semolina (I put 1 tbsp flour and 1 tbsp semolina)

* Whip eggs with sugar and stir in the sifted flour. 
* Heat milk until it boils and pour in the egg-flour mixture stirring constantly
* Heat the mixture with low heat stirring constantly until it's thicker
* Let the cream cool down

* Peel and slice the pears
* Boil water with syrup and add 3 tbsp sugar (or use any fruit  juice you want)
* Boil the pears gently (with low heat) about 5 minutes
* Drain and cool the pears
*Add 2 tbsp gelatine to the hot syrup and mix until gelatine is melted and cooled down

Assembling the cake
* Pour the cream to the bottom of the pie tin and cover it with sliced pears
* For the last pour gently the gelatin over the cake

* Put the cake to the fridge and let it be there until it is curdled

Of course you can use other fruits too. Let your imagination to run.

20 June 2010

Yoghurt cake


Cake base
180g.... biscuits
70g.... melted butter

1 l.... yoghurt (fruit yohgurt or whatever you like)
1 can (530g).... fruit salad (or berries) 
200 ml.... whipped cream
0,5 tbsp.... sugar
1 tsp.... vanilla sugar
2 tbsp.... gelatine
1 cup.... liquid of the fruit salad

* Crush the biscuits and add melted butter within.
* Press the cake base to the pie tin what is covered with wax paper.
* Strain the fruit salad. Put gelatin into the liquid and let it melt. Hold it on a small heat but do not let it boil. Mix it whole time while gelatin is melting.
* Mix whipped cream and sugars. Add yoghurt and fruits/berries and for the last, the liquid with gelatin.
* Mix the filling for the last time before pouring it to the pie tin.
* Cover the cake with cellophane and put the cake into the fridge. Let it stay there over the night before serving it.
* If you want you can decorate the cake with whatever you want before you serve it.

Berry pie


150g.... butter
4 cup.... flour
1 cup.... sugar
cold watter

400g.... cold berries
4tbsp.... starch
2-3tbsp.... sugar
a bit cinnamon
1 kg.... curd
1.... egg

* Mix dough ingredients together and add water. Don't let the dough go too wet.
* Mix fillings ingredients together and add berries.
* Cover pie tin with wax paper.
* Put the dough into tin and pour the filling to the tin.
Oven: 170°C
Time: 60 min - until the pie is ready.