24 March 2013

Baked omelette

For one:

1..... Egg
1 tsp ..... Flour
0,3 dl ...... Milk
2 slice of ham
... Spices of your own choice...

* Preheat oven to 180 C degree
* Beat the egg with milk and flour
* Add spices
* Dice the paprika and blue-cheese
* Pour half of the egg-milk mixture into mold, now put the ham into mold and pour the rest of the mixture on top of the ham
* Add paprika and blue-cheese
* Bake in oven until the omelette is clotted

17 March 2013

Cheese & Paprika cookies

3 dl ..... Flour
0,70 g ...... Butter
0,5 tsp ..... Salt
Grated cheese
Chopped paprika

* Sift the flour into a bowl, add salt and oregano. You can also add some other spices if you want, chili powder gives grate extra flavor!
* Add chopped paprika and grated cheese, both as much as you want, it's all about you!
* Add cold butter into the mix by small pieces and mix it into the dough. Knead dough until it is all well mixed together. Then place the dough into fridge for 15 minutes
* Roll out the dough (floured table!) until it is ~ 0,4 cm thick. Then cut out the pieces of your own choice
* Bake in 200 C 4-6 minutes. Keep your eye on the cookies while they are in oven! Baking time depends on your oven! The cookies have to be golden brown! DO NOT BAKE THEM TOO LONG because the cheese might change its taste to tangy

Cranberry truffles

200g ..... Cream cheese ( I used Cranberry Creme Bonjour, but if it is not available in your shops then use natural cream cheese, in this case you also need dried cranberries ~ 100g)
Crushed gingerbread 
100g .....Dark chocolate 
Coconut flakes

* Add cinnamon and crushed gingerbread into the cream cheese mix. You need to add gingerbread as much as it needs that you can form the mix.
* Form small balls from the mix, place them on the plate which is covered with baking paper. When you have formed all the balls, put the plate into the fridge for 2 hours
* Before you take the cream cheese balls out from fridge, start to melt the chocolate: 

take a casserole and a heat-resistant bowl which is bigger than the casserole. Put water into casserole and start to boil it. Put the chocolate into the bowl and place the bowl on top of the casserole - when the chocolate starts to melt, low the temperature and stir carefully the chocolate. Add a bit of cream into chocolate and stir again - carefully as always. Firstly it might look that the chocolate gets lumpy but while you stir it, it will get back to normal. Then add the cream as much as it needs to get the chocolate smooth and runny

* Now take out the cream cheese balls and start to dip then into the chocolate one by one with a toothpick of smaller fork. After dipping it into chocolate, roll it in a coconut flakes and place it back to the plate.
* When you are done, place the plate back into fridge and keep the truffles in there until you serve them.

You can also place them into small flows like I did (:

16 March 2013

Paella with chicken

Oh gosh.. Again.... I keep updating my other food blog but somehow I never manage to translate the recipes... From now on, I promise, that when I've added something to my other food blog I translate it to here right away no matter what !

3 ....Cloves of garlic
2 dl ..... White rice
300g .....  Crushed tomatoes
5 dl ..... Chicken broth
300g ..... Chicken fillet strips
130g ..... Corn (canned/frozen)
130g ..... Peas (canned/frozen)
130g ..... Red paprika (sliced)
Olive oil (not extra virgin 'cause it is not intended to be used on heat treatment!!)
Paprika powder
Chicken spices
Paella spices

* Chop the garlic and fry them quickly with oil on a large sauce pan
* Add raw rice, crushed tomatoes, spices and chicken broth. Allow to simmer
* Fry the chicken fillet strips on another sauce pan.
* When the rice is almost cooked, add corn, peas, paprika and chicken fillet stripes into the rice mix. Mix all together and let it simmer until the rice is completely cooked.
* Enjoy your delicious Spanish meal!