02 August 2011


for 2:

200g ..... Any kind of  frozen vegetables
½ cup .... Soy sauce
1 ..... Mandarin
1 tbsp ..... Blue cheese
Spices (own choice but don't use salt because the soy sauce is salty!)

* Fry the vegetables with oil or butter
* Wash, peel and cut the mandarin as small pieces as you can and mix it into vegetables
* Add blue cheese and let it melt into vegetables
* Add soy sauce and spices
* Mix well and let it brew under the lid about 5 to 8 minutes
* You can serve it with salad (for ex. 1 tomato, a bit of cucumber -wash and cut- for a sauce use sour cream and spices -salt, pepper- )

Another curd pie

400g ..... Curd
1 cup ..... Juice
200g ..... Smashed pineapple
1 tsp ..... gelatin
½ cup ..... Sugar
400g ..... Biscuits
1 cup .... Oil
½ cup ..... Muesli

* Smash the biscuits and mix the oil with them
* Mix together sugar, curd, smashed pineapple and strawberries
* Boil the juice and mix the gelatin into it. Let it cool down a bit before you add it into curd
* Press smashed biscuits to the bottom of the tin. Before this cover the tin with cling film (if the tin is that kind of thin from which you can remove the edges...)
* Pour the curd mixture on the cookies
* Sprinkle muesli and sprinkles on the top of the curd and cover the tin with cling film
* Keep in a fridge over a night