04 February 2011

Mango - Orange pie


170g..... Butter
1½ cup..... Sugar
1 teaspoon..... Vanilla sugar
4..... Eggs
2 teaspoon..... Baking powder
6-7 cups..... Corn flour
5 cup..... Mashed mango
1..... Big orange

* Whip butter (room temperature) with sugars
* Grate the peel of orange and press out its juice. When the mixture is foamy add the egg yolks one by one (put the egg whites to the other bowl, you need them later) and add the grated orange peel
* Whip until the egg yolks are foamy
* Add the mashed mango and orange juice while mixing slowly
* Mix together flour, baking powder and egg whites
* Beat the egg whites and add the mixture to the dough gently mixing
* Pour the dough into pie tin and bake in the oven for a 45 minutes in 180 degrees