29 January 2011

Small mushroom pies

4.... Eggs
1..... Medium onion
300 ml..... whipped cream
Grated cheese
Flaky pastry

* Fry mushrooms with sliced onion
* Beat the eggs, add whipped cream, dill, salt, pepper and chives
* Roll the pastry. Cut put 24 squares from it and put them into muffin tin ( 1 piece into each hole)
* Into bottom of pie, put a bit of fried mushroom and onion mixture. Then pour the egg and cream mixture on it. Add a bit grated cheese
*Bake for 20 minutes in 220 degree

Key Lime Pie

150-200g..... Cookies
170g..... Butter

600g ..... Condensed milk with sugar
300g ..... Natural cream cheese
2 cup.... Lime's juice
7..... Egg yolk

200g..... Whipped cream
2..... sheet of gelatin
1 cup.... Sugar
Juice of one lemon or lime
(You can do this also without gelatin but in that case don't use juice of lemon or lime)

*Crush cookies. Melt the butter and mix it together with cookies. Bake in the oven for 8-10 minutes in 175 degree.
* Mix the egg yolks with cream cheese. Add condensed milk and lime juice. Pour the mixture on the baked pie base and put the pie to the oven for a 30 minutes.
* Take the pie from oven and let it cool. Put it to the fridge.
* Put the gelatin in to cold watter to swell for 5 minutes. Heat the juice of fruit and melt the gelatin into it. 
*Whip the cream with sugar. When it's almost whipped, add gelatin slowly while whipping.
* Cover the pie with mixture and let it stand in fridge for a while before serving.
You can also decorate the pie with lemon or lime slices.

Kiwi Cake

We used basic prepared cake base ( 3 layer)
400g..... Cream cheese
400g..... Vanilla curd
A bit sugar (not necessary)
2..... Banana
2..... Kiwi
Juice of beetroot
4..... Sheet of gelatin

* Whip the cream cheese with cottage cheese and pour in the juice of beetroot (!! If you feel like the mixture is too runny, swell the gelatin in cold watter for a 5 minutes and dissolve it to a warm watter. Add it to the cream mixture while whipping)
* Moisten the first layer with some juice or coffee
* Cover it with cream and set some slices of bananas on it
* Put on the next layer and moisten it. Cover it with cream and add again some banana slices. If you want you can also add some jam
* Keep going until you reach the last layer. Moisten it, cover with creme and decorate the cake with slices of kiwis. You can also use for ex. peaches

23 January 2011

Hello dear readers!

We are sorry that there is only pictures about pastries. Karima is busy with her baby and other children and I have so much school things to do so we both just don't have time to translate our recipes to English. We will add the recipes as soon as we have time!

Thank you for being patient!

- Shiroi & Karima

21 January 2011

cinnamon rolls with white chocolate


200g.... Margarine
1 cup..... Hot milk or watter
50g..... Yeast
4 cups..... Flour 
1..... Egg
A bit of salt

100g..... White chocolate

* Mix together all the ingredients (not the chocolate) and put the dough into fridge for a 30 minutes
* Preheat oven to 180 degrees
* Take some of the dough and roll it to the table (put a bit flour on the table so the dough won't get stuck)
* Lubricate the dough with melted butter or oil
* Strew on the dough sugar, cinnamon and grated white chocolate
* Start to roll from the edge tightly
* Cut the suitable pieces as zig zag (so your pieces looks like a triangle)
* Press with your finger to the middle of piece
* Put buns to the oven for 15-20 minutes - until they are golden brown

Almond pretzel with lingonberry

lingonberry marzipan pretzel

02 January 2011

Biscuit cake

You need:
4 pack of biscuits
1 cup of coffee
200g Halva
500g Sour cream (20%)
500g Sour cream (10%)
Sour jam

* Grate halva and mix it together with sour creams
* Set fist layer of biscuits (for ex. 4x5)
* Moisten them with coffee
* Spread on the sour cream mixture and set on the next layer of biscuits and moisten them also with coffee
* Spread on the jam (if there is a lot of liquid in the jam, mix in a bit of starch) 
* Set on another layer of biscuits, moisten them and spread on the sour cream mixture
* Set on as many layer you want, it depends how much you have biscuits
* On the last layer of biscuits, spread on the sour cream mixture.
* If you want, you can do a vertical or horizontal stripes on the mixture by using knife or toothpick 
* Put the cake into fridge for 12 hours
* Decorate cake before serving for ex. with berries