12 July 2011

Strawberry salad

Cherry tomatoes

For the sauce:
Olive oil
Balsamic vinegar

* Cut cauliflower, cucumber, tomatoes and strawberries into smaller pieces
* Add minced dill and parsley
* Mix the ingredients of the sauce together in a different bowl 
* Mix the sauce into salad
* Let the salad stay in a fridge before serving

Rice salad with tuna and cottage cheese

500 ml ..... Boiled rice
½ Red paprika
300g ..... Cottage cheese
Crushed tuna
4 tbsp ..... Sour cream 

* Cut cucumber, paprika and dill
* Mix the veggies with rice and add tuna and cottage cheese
* Add spices and sour cream and mix 
* You can serve the salad with boiled eggs

10 July 2011

Liquorice-chocolate cake

3 layer cake base
500 ml ..... Whipping cream
2 cup of liquorice sauce
200g ..... Liquorice
3 tbsp ..... Real cocoa 
Jam (own choice, I used cowberry jam)

* Put one of the bases to the plate and spread jam over it. Whip the cream and spread a little bit of whipped cream on the jam. Pour a bit of liquorice sauce on the whipped cream.
* Put the next layer on and moisten it with a bit of coffee. Repeat the same thing than the past layer.
* Put on the last layer. Spread jam on it. Now mix the coca with the whipped cream and spread a bit of it on the jam and to the edges. Pour the rest of the liquorice sauce on the whipped cream.
* Cut the liquorices to smaller pieces and decorate the cake. 
* Use the rest of the whipped cream to the decoration of the edges

05 July 2011

New recipes coming soon!

Sorry that we haven't wrote anything for a while.. Things are a bit messy and busy right now. I've been working for a month and my sister has been busy with her life so there just haven't been time to add anything to here.. But it doesn't mean that we haven't bake or cook anything. We have, and we have the pictures, but only thing we don't have is time..

I'm going back to home on Sunday so hopefully there be something new on next week :)

Thanks for waiting !!