17 February 2012

Rice with Crab

Tastes very good with vegetables and duck meat) 

(for 4)

3½ dl ..... Rice
200g ..... Crabsticks (or crab meat)
½ dl ..... Soy sauce
2 ...... Egg (raw)

* Boil the rice
* Cut the crabsticks to the very small pieces and mix them with boiled rice
* Add soy sauce
* Mix the eggs with rice and let the kettle stay on the stove plate for a few minutes
* Serve

Citrus Kissel

Firstly, once more I have to apologize that writing new recipes takes so long... Because I also have a part time job, I just don't have time to write... Now I have a completely free weekend so I have some time to write something :)

1 l ..... Lemon or orange juice
1 ...... Big orange
1 ...... Big mandarine (or 2 small one)
3 tbsp ..... Potato flour
Sugar as much as you want

* Pour the juice into the kettle and let it boil, add sugar
* Wash, peel off and slice the fruits, add them into juice
* Mix the potato flour with cold water and carefully pour it into the kettle while mixing the juice all the time. When it is poured, remove the kettle from the stove plate immediately
* Let it cool down a bit and serve