17 August 2010

Muffin pie

I made cupcake dough. You can find the recipe from here. But don't use cocoa or coconut flakes

1..... Big pear
1..... Peach

* Peel the pear and cut it and peach to slices 
* Take out a pie tin. Lubricate it with oil or butter so the pie detached. Pour dough to the pie tin
* Reposition slices on top of the dough and put the pie into the oven
Oven: 200°C
Time: 30 minutes ~ until the pie is ready

TIP: If you are not sure is the pie ready take a toothpick and press it through the dough. If any dough sticks to toothpick, pie isn't ready. If it doesn't then it's ready.

13 August 2010

Summer Smoothie

1.... Peach
1..... Apple
60g..... Raspberries
60g..... Redcurrants
1½dl..... Vanilla ice cream
1½dl.... Milk

* Peel apple. Cut apple and peach to the smaller pieces and put them to the jug. Add raspberries and redcurrants
* Mix them with blender and add ice cream. Mix
* For the last pour the milk in and mix well
* Serve

12 August 2010

Summer Salad

1 Red onion
3 Tomato
Black olives / Green olives
Boiled eggs

* Cut all except olives and mix together in the bolw. For the last add mayonnaise and pepper and salt if you want
* Boil eggs and when they are cooled down cut them and reposition them on top of the dose. If you want you can cut the eggs to the smaller pieces and mix them into the salad

04 August 2010

Blueberry pie

400g..... Four
2tbs..... Baking powder
250g.... Butter
150g..... Sugar
2..... Eggs

500g..... Curd
3..... Eggs
80g..... Sugar
1 l ..... Blueberries
2tblsp..... Potato flour

* Melt butter and let it cool down
* Beat sugar and eggs with mixer and add cooled butter
* Add flour and baking powder and mix until the dough has been steady
* Start to make the filling
* Mix together cottage cheese, sugar and eggs. Mix up and add blueberries and potato flour. Mix well
* Butter the pie tin and press the dough to it. Spill the filling on it and put pie to the oven

Oven: 200°C
Time: 30minutes to 50minutes

03 August 2010

Strawberry cupcakes

I wrote the basic cupcake dough recipe in the Cocoa-coconut flake cupcakes. I use that cupcake dough recipe in every cupcakes that I do.
But add strawberries as much as you want but of course you can use different berries.
Oven: 225°C
Time: ~30minutes

Cocoa-cocounut flake cupcakes

0,75dl ..... oil
1,5dl ..... sugar
0,25dl ..... milk
2 ...... eggs
3dl ..... flour
2tsp ..... baking powder
5 tblsp ..... cocoa (I used real cocoa, not that one that is used for a hot chocolate)
½dl ..... cocounut flakes

*Take out a bowl and mix oil,sugar, milk and eggs
* Add 2tsp of baking powder, 5tblsp of cocoa and ½dl of cocounut flakes to 3dl of flour and mix
* Add flour to the bowl and mix
* Take out a cupcake casserole and put the cupcake papers to casserole
* Spill dough to the cupcake papers and put the casserole to the oven

Oven: 225°C
Time: ~30minutes (they might be ready after 15 minutes too, but always keep things in oven longer than it's said in the recipe.

02 August 2010

Sushi step by step

You need:
Bamboo mat
Chopsticks (to eat with)
Nori leaves
Soy sauce
Rice (if you don't use the real sushi rice then porridge rice can be used too)

Cancer/Crab sticks
You can also use carrots, omelette,...

First of all you have to boil a rice. If you use real sushi rice you find the recipe for it right here. If you use porridge rice then boil 1-2dl rice, add salt to the watter and when the rice is done, let it cool down before doing anything.
After the rice is cooled down or while it's cooling down cut all things you are going to use in sushi to a slices but do not cut the nori leaves!

Take out one nori leaf and place it to the bamboo mat. Wet little bit your fingers and slightly moisten the nori leaf but be careful because if nori gets too wet it cannot be used.

Take out the cooled rice. Place it to the front of the nori leafe to the middle of it

Like this

Then place to the middle of the nori leaf those ingredients you want to but remember to add little bit of wasabi

And start warping the nori leaf around rice and for ex. fish and cucumber by using bamboo mat. You have to be careful because if you roll it too loosely you can't cut or eat it because all the rice and other ingredients will fall out inside of the nori. That's why you have to roll it very strictly

When you are done with rolling, cut the sushi to a suitable pieces

And serve

For a serving:
Take out a small bowl for a soy sausage and if you want you can mix it with a little bit of wasabi but you can also put wasabi to another small plate. Take one piece of sushi with your chopsticks (or fork). Put it to a soya sausage and wasabi (if you want) and eat.

Notice that wasabi has a very strong taste and use it only a little bit. Don't also soak the piece of sushi in soy sausage for a very long time because soy sauce has very salty taste and it's not good if you use it too much.