18 March 2014

Apple-ricotta pie

180g..... Cookies
60g..... Butter

5..... Middle sized apple (sweet or sour, your own choice)
360g..... Ricotta
2..... Eggs
3tbsp..... Runny honey
1tbsp..... Powdered sugar
2tsp..... Cinnamon
1tsp..... Cardamom
1dl +0,5dl ..... Mango puré

* Crush the cookies and mix them with the butter. Press the mixture into pie tin and bake the base for 7minutes
* Peel and cut the apples into 0,5cm slices. Place the slices into tin. Pour 1dl of mango puré onto apples
* Mix ricotta, honey, sugar and spices, add eggs and pour the mixture over the mango puré and apples.
* Use the rest of the puré for the decoration
* Bake in 180° until the filling has set

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