13 January 2013

Pie with Beetroot and Herring

It's been a while.. I am very sorry.. But this pie will make your day! The ingredients do sound weird... But believe me, I hate beetroot but I LOVE THIS PIE !!!!

2 dl..... Flour
0,7-1dl.... Oil
2 tblsp..... Water
A bit of salt

Marinated and sliced beetroot
2dl.... Milk or cooking cream ( I used the cream)
2.... Eggs
Spices of your own choice

* For the dough mix together all the ingredients. Cover the pie tin with the dough and bake in the oven for 10min in 200° C
* Wash, peel and slice the carrots, fry them a bit
* Mix together milk/cream and eggs. Add spices
* Take the bottom out from the oven. Cover the bottom of the pie with herring, then add carrots and then beetroots. Last, pour on the cream. Bake in oven until the filling is completely clotted.

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